Other people's projects

Here are some projects from other people which are very interesting:

French plan for a diving light
an easy to build diving light
Diving light by Michael Monecke
a very simple made diving light
UW video case by Bernd Zoll
an UW-video case made of plastic
Diving light by Jörg Cibis
a diving light made of waste water tubing and some interesting ideas
Dive light of Roman
a nice torch made of aluminium
Projects of Rudy Norder
a aluminium diving light with uC Control and an UW-scooter
Plans of Alex Deas
plans for backplate, keelweight, single cylinder adaptor, tankbands
Video housing by Mike Dolson
transparent tubular casing (with PDF plans)
Dive light by John Van de Broek and Mike Dolson
aluminium casing and lighthead (with PDF plans)
Dive Light by T.Burkarda LED Light
FOCO_SUB . some lightheads and battery casings (text only in spanish)

And here some links with more good descriptions: