Rebreather RG-UF/M

From surplus of the DDR army 4 people of our diving club bought these 100% O2 rebreathers. The state was relative good, some of the tanks even had some pressure left. The scrubber tanks are a bit old. Most of them had last dates of use of 1982 and they were open ! One had a newer date (1992) - I tried it and it did work.
A dive for 45min went without problems. For buoyancy control I used a jacket and a 4l tank of air.
The counterlung volume seems to be small, but it works OK. The added oxygene volume is very near to the metabolized oxygene.

The RG-UF/M was used by the NVA (DDR army) for tank crews when driving under water and for leaving the tank there.

technical data:

The unit closed ...
and open

to the left the O2 tank, to the right the scrubber and on top the regulator. The scrubber is filled through the bottom (in the picture on top) and glued. The scrubber is made for one time use. For future use we will have to think about another solution (any suggestions ?).

close up

mouthpiece and tubing

Click on graphic for bigger picture.

And at last some pictures of the scrubber tank:

The mouthpiece is from Draeger, the adaptors from a german guy.

The original direction valves are put inside the adaptors.

All parts of the new refillable scrubber tank.

And some details.

This adaptor converts the testing port to air DIN. We have another part that lets you mount a normal (O2 clean) pressure gauge.

The srcubber tank and our RG-UF/Ms are from Zierke/Klokosch - Ungarnstr.89 - D-13349 Berlin - Germany - Tel.: +49 / 30 / 4552197 , FAX: +49 / 30 / 450 89 161. He also made the contact for the adaptors:
Uwe Lessmann - Hinter der Rennbahn 10 - D-99089 Erfurt - Fax: 0049/361/7314153

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