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go to german versionHere are some small hints, how to make your SCUBA-life a bit easier without being Mister Tools himself. If you have any suggestions let me know !

  • Deco table at reach
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  • Computer protection bag
  • Octopus holder
  • Accessories at the diving light
  • Attaching a bouy marker line to your BC safely
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  • Deco table at reach

    DekotablleYou could use these small reels from skiing to clip the deco table somewhere. Unfortunately the spring inside will corrode very fast.

    Deko2Here you can see a solution with a cheap spiral cord key holder. The second carabiner is from another spiral cord I took apart for something different. I didn't use stainless steel parts, because the normal ones are so inexpensive that you can exchange them when rusted.

    Long arms bye bye

    JudogurtBefore I got a handle at my tank, carrying was a mess. To relieve my hands I took an old Judo belt and fixed it in such a way that I can lay it around the valve and take the double part onto my shoulder. This way the forces are much better spread.

    Computer protection bag

    Most dive computers are delivered with some kind of protecting packaging. If that isn't what you want (to large, bulky) or it is not available (used gear), there is a good and inexpensive alternative: lens protection bags or bags for drinking bottles (outdoor supply). If you look around a bit, you will find some in a sell-out for under . These bags are well toned yet. My bag carries my two computers and a dive watch. The bag shouldn't have metal parts because these are mostly not stainless.

    Octopus holder

    OktopusNothing special, there are lots of ready available octopus holders - but it's a cheap one. A piece of surgical tubing, 2 cable ties, maybe a carabiner.

    I made mine because I needed one. After changing my regulators I didn't notice before I was on the boat, that my old octopus holder didn't work with the new regulator. Fortunately I carry a lot of parts with me when I'm diving - so making a new one was quickly done.

    Accessories at the diving light

    Fremdlampe mit ZeugA diving light is a good place to mount some accessories. In this case a small knife, an additional light and pliers. Two rubber bands around the light body hold the tools.

    Attaching a bouy marker line to your BC safely

    (by Paul Siwy <>)

    I got a great idea from a local dive shop here in Toronto, Canada. I explained that I was always fumbling with the line reel for my marker bouy while diving in pleasure-boat infested waters. I mentioned that I would clip the reel onto my BC except I had heard of a diver who had done so only to be ripped out of the water. Apparently a boater saw the bouy and thought it might be nice to keep. He put it aboard his boat and motored away unaware that a diver was now water-skiing behind him. Fortunately the diver was unhurt but it could have ended very badly. After hearing my concern the dive shop owner mentioned that he used a buffer line of surgical tubing with a clip attached. Now when he clips the reel to his BC there is a link of surgical tubing that can break free if enough force is put on it. I now can clip the line to my BC with-out concern of being unintentionally trolled.

    Dr. Dennis Brittain sent this advice:

    Something I use a lot of for diving a boating projects ai the double sided Velcro. I buy it in 1 inch widths and if I need a smaller width, just cut length wise. You can screw it onto objects with extra lengths and have easy releases instantly. It is made of strong synthetics. The Rainshed in Corvallis, OR sells it by the foot or roll.

    Randy Geerts sent this advice:

    My diving gear fits in a plastic container, but with all the stuff inside (especially the suit and jacket) it won't close properly. So i've attached as trap to it. It keeps the stuff compact and the container can't pop open.

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